We carefully select our brand partners based on shared values of sustainability, ethical sourcing, and social responsibility. Our commitment is reflected in our collaboration with social enterprises that prioritise community and environmental benefits alongside profit. We champion brands that adopt innovative, sustainable production methods, such as minimizing food waste and using organic ingredients, ensuring that our products not only taste good but also do good.

We also prioritise partnerships with brands that maintain direct relationships with their overseas suppliers. This direct engagement helps secure stable incomes for farmers and producers, making a significant impact in their communities. By choosing to work with these conscientious companies, we ensure that every purchase supports a cycle of positive change, aligning with our mission to offer products that are good for both people and the planet. This philosophy is the backbone of the curated selection available on our website, embodying our commitment to quality, integrity, and sustainability.

Johnny Cashew

Of all the cashews consumed in Europe, 95% of them are first shipped via Asia for shelling. Johnny Cashew keeps this production and subsequently higher prices in Tanzania, where they are farmed.


A natural soda made from the otherwise discarded byproduct of cocoa pods, increasing income for the farmers and reducing food waste. It tastes not of chocolate but of lychee, pear and white peach.


This enterprise in Rotterdam, produces canned foods wholly made by women with a migration background. The women follow a two-year path with coaching, work and education to develop themselves, build a network and participate in Dutch society.

Wholy Greens

Pasta made with otherwise discarded vegetables that would be wasted. They collaborate closely with local, forward-thinking farmers, prioritising sustainability. The slow carb pasta provides lasting energy, and dietary fiber supports gut health, ensuring happy, healthy bellies.


Pioneering plastic-free gum, they're committed to a cleaner planet. Made from natural ingredients, it's guilt-free chewing. Plus, they support the Plastic Soup Foundation, championing ocean conservation.

Tony's Chocolonely

After three years of unsuccessful attempts to change the industry through investigative journalism, Teun van de Keuken decided to start producing chocolate bars himself. Since then they have been awarded for setting a high standard for eradicating slavery, illegal child labour, and human trafficking from their supply chains. It’s mighty good chocolate too. 

Water Lilly Pops

Water Lily Pops

Ready-to-eat snacks from popped lotus seeds. Simple, top-quality ingredients, no additives. Wholesome, satisfying, and guilt-free. Truly better snacks which contribute to the biodiversity of our food systems.


Snack bars that are as good for you as they are for the place they come from. From Ankara to New York and now Amsterdam, Bahar Green developed Amara bars from her time in different pastry kitchens initially for her family but now for everyone. 

Jabulani Fruits

Freeze dried fruit snacks grown, dried and packaged by the Martinez family in Columbia. Freeze drying means that taste and nutrition is preserved from the source. 

Happy Trails

Crunchy balls with an airy, crunchy core covered with Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate. They are locally produced in the Netherlands using only natural colours and flavourings, and free from palm oil.

Frank About Tea

Tea sourced directly and fully traceable from Sri Lankan and East African growers. Frank About Tea invests a portion of revenue back to farming education courses in the communities with which they work.


These organic bars are based on bananas rejected for export in Ecuador, combined with other organic ingredients. They commit a portion of their revenue back to the organic farmers they work with to encourage further organic conversion of land. 


Infused with organic rooibos, BOS delivers refreshing, antioxidant-rich beverages. With sustainable sourcing, it's a guilt-free sip for you and the planet.

I Just Love Breakfast

I Just Love Breakfast Granola from Superstories: Crafted with organic oats, nuts, and seeds, it's a nutritious powerhouse. Packed with fibre and vitamins, it fuels your day sustainably.


Indulge guilt-free in these tasty treats, sweetened without sugar. With natural flavors and no artificial additives, they're a smile-worthy snack.