Active SMAAK

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A healthier bundle for the active. Fuel work and play with Active SMAAK - the perfect snack gift box for those who embrace a more active lifestyle! Packed with nutritious snacks, real ingredients, and inspired creations, it's the gift that gives. 

Freeze dried fruit snacks, various health bars, granola, veggie pasta, and a selection of teas and coffee. One to pick from all day, from breakfast to dessert to sustain a productive mindset.

Potential Gifting Ideas

  • 🤝 Welcoming a new employee or client
  • 🍾 Toasting to a special occasion or achievement
  • 🍎 Saying "thank you" to a mentor or teacher
  • 🤕 Sending get well wishes to someone who is ill or recovering
  • 🏆 Expressing appreciation to employees for their hard work