Afternoon SMAAK

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Indulge in the perfect pick-me-up with our Afternoon SMAAK. Whether it’s a gesture of appreciation or a reminder to pause amidst the hustle, this snack gift box is an invitation to unwind and recharge. Elevate hectic workdays and shared moments of respite, with this assortment designed to fuel both body and spirit.

Thoughtfully curated to accompany your midmorning or midafternoon meetings, or to surprise someone deserving of a well-earned break. Dive into the rich, flavourful world of Tony’s Chocolonely bars, energise with various health bars, rejuvinate with a selection of premium teas and aromatic coffee. 

Potential Gifting Events 

  • 🌞  Spreading sunshine on a gloomy day
  • 🎨  Encouraging creativity and inspiration
  • 📝  Providing snacks for a study session
  • 💻  Recognising the dedication of remote workers
  • 🌈  Offering a pick-me-up to someone feeling down