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Introducing Desk SMAAK, the ultimate companion for conquering the demands of a busy workday. One to stock in a desk drawer, this assortment of innovative snacks is the secret weapon against midday slumps and snack cravings. With a thoughtful balance of healthy, sweet, and savoury treats, this snack gift box is the perfect solution for bridging those peckish gaps between meals without sacrificing productivity. 

From Tony's Chocolonely assorted chocolates and savoury bites to indulgent beverages warm and cold, each bite-sized snack is carefully chosen to stimulate body and mind. Whether the recipient chooses to share or savour them solo, Desk SMAAK promises a satisfying and guilt-free way to power through the day with gusto. And they'll think of you every time they grab what's next. 

Potential Gifting Events

  • 😊  Morale boost to remote workers to show appreciation
  • 🍿  Providing snacks for a team meeting or office event
  • ☕️  Encouraging relaxation during breaks from remote work
  • 💪  To someone going through a challenging period
  • 🎊  Recognizing a work anniversary

Customer Reviews

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Nora Bakker
Happy colleagues

Sent these out to our remote employees for a campaign launch we're all working on together. Everyone was stoked with the gift of treats 😋