Ethical SMAAK

Ethical SMAAK

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Snacks and treats from brands that do good whilst making the goods. Whether through social endeavours such as Mixblik who employ newly immigrated women to make delicious home inspired recipes for their cans; Tony's Chocolonley who are at the forefront of supply chain transparency for the international cocoa trade; or Kumasi natural soda, making refreshingly healthy use of the otherwise discarded flesh of the cocoa bean, all these brands do business better and deliver the taste! 

Did we also mention Johnny Cashew, supplying ethical cashews whilst reducing carbon emissions? Or BenBits, the plastic free gum doing its part to clean our oceans? Discover these and the rest now. A snack gift box to show that you care about the recipient and the wider world in which we all operate. 

Potential Gifting Events

  • ☕️  Encouraging relaxation during breaks from remote work
  • 🚀  Celebrating the launch of a new product or service
  • 🙏  Thanking clients or customers for their loyalty
  • 🤝  Welcoming a new employee or client
  • 🎯  Recognizing a milestone, such as reaching a sales target