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Introducing Share SMAAK, the ultimate solution to end all debates over the last chocolate! This generous snack gift box features a whopping 900g Tony’s share sampler, complete with 100 individually wrapped chocolates spanning across 10 irresistible flavours. Accompanied by crunchy cashews, savoury chips, and delectable chocolate balls from Happy Trails, it's a feast fit for sharing among friends, family, or even a small team.

With enough treats to satisfy every craving and enough variety to please every mouth, Share SMAAK ensures that there's always enough delicious to go around, leaving everyone happy and content. So go ahead, indulge in the joy of sharing and let the smiles abound!

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  • 👩‍⚕️  Recognizing the efforts of essential workers
  • 🥳  Marking the end of a successful project
  • 🎨  Encouraging creativity and inspiration
  • 🌞  Spreading sunshine on a gloomy day
  • 🍾  Toasting to a special occasion or achievement