Tony's Sharebox SMAAK

Tony's Sharebox SMAAK

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For every occasion and easily shareable. This chocolate gift box contains a whopping 900g box of Tiny Tony's in a mix of 100 individually wrapped pieces across 10 flavours. A great one for the office - or at home for the lucky recipient. Tony’s are leading the way in ensuring slave free chocolate across the globe and offering flavour combinations worthy of devouring. Gift chocolate right, gift Tony's.

After three years of unsuccessful attempts to change the industry through investigative journalism, Teun van de Keuken decided to start producing chocolate bars himself. Since then they have been awarded for setting a high standard for eradicating slavery, illegal child labour, and human trafficking from their supply chains. It’s mighty good chocolate too across allll flavours. 

Potential Gifting Events:

  • 👏  Recognising a job well done on a project
  • 🙏  Thanking clients or customers for their loyalty
  • 🌞  Spreading sunshine on a gloomy day
  • 🍀  Wishing someone good luck
  • 🎉  Celebrating an anniversary