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Total SMAAK, the boss of snack gift boxes. A treasure chest of innovative snacks representing every brand we proudly collaborate with. From sweet to savoury, healthy to indulgent, and everything in between, this meticulously curated selection just keeps on giving. 

This collection is a testament to our commitment in providing the best snacks while supporting brands that prioritise ethical practices. That can be through direct integration with otherwise marginalised growers, the use of sustainable ingredients, or social enterprises. Our partners practice their trade for a variety of reasons, but above all else their hard work was intended for you to enjoy their offerings! 

Potential Gifting Events:

  • 💼  Fueling productivity during remote work sessions
  • 🌟  Congratulating someone on a promotion or achievement
  • 🎯  Recognizing a milestone reached like a sales target
  • 🤝  Welcoming a new employee or client
  • 🚀  Celebrating the launch of a new product or service