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Who deserves a treat? It's better than a high-five, hug or a handshake combined. Treat SMAAK offers a little variety and a lot of love. 

Dig into a variety snack gift box of Tiny Tony's Chocolates and enjoy the crunch of Happy Trails chocolate balls. Stay energised with active nutritional bars, freshen up with plastic-free chewing gum. And don't miss the 180g chocolate bar from Tony's, from one of a dozen of their famous flavours. 

With Treat SMAAK, it's a gift for happiness every time. So go ahead, indulge and savour the flavours of these wholesome snacks from good brands run by good people. 

Potential Gifting Events:

  • 🎉  Celebrating a birthday
  • 🤝  Welcoming a new employee or client
  • 🌈 Offering a pick-me-up to someone feeling down
  • 🤕  Well wishes to someone who is ill or recovering
  • 🌺  Wishing someone a speedy recovery