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As the name suggests this one is 100% free of animal products, no dairy, no eggs and certainly no meat. All items in this snack gift box are uncompromising in flavour and the variety is diverse! 

Another snack gift box that can be picked at all throughout the day. From the breakfast granola and freeze dried fruit, to the sweet active health bars and the savoury too. Salty crunchables, chewy candy, natural soda and iced tea. Tea and coffee, right through to veggie pasta for dinner.All from independent producers taking pride in producing food and beverages worthy of having pride in. 

Potential Gifting Events:

  • 📝  Providing snacks for a study session
  • 😊  Sending a snack gift box as a random act of kindness
  • 🍎  Saying "thank you" to a mentor or teacher
  • 🎊  Recognizing a work anniversary
  • 🌟  Congratulating someone on a promotion or achievement